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Roman Britannia Bulletin
Recording Life in Roman Britain

Duncan MacDonald     
Jakarta   1  October  2017      
 Roman Britain (AD 43-409 ) We look at life in Britannia through the eyes of Roman legionairs and Britons during the Roman occupation of the first hundred years.
     Some of the illustrations relating to the book will be posted on this web site for your consideration and comments.

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Britannia Bulletin
Britannia Bulletin Cover
Astutus ~ Company Clerk

Ancient scroll

Vitalis Roman Centurion Vitalis ~ Astutus' father, Germania village   25 CE

Tamfana          Tamfana ~ Germania maiden, Astutus' mother

     Roman wet nurse with Legionaires escort from Germania Superior (southwest Germany,
Switzerland and eastern France)
  to Rome   26 CE
Messalla & Olivia       Grandfather Messalla and Grandmother Olivia in Rome

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      Scrolls, Wooden wax tablet, Codex

Didasko with Astutus
   Didasko with Astutus ~ his 12 year old student

Teurtoburg Battle of Teurtoburg Forest 9 CE - The Romans made a desperate attempt to storm the Germanic wall

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Germanicus Julius Caesar     Germanicus Roman legions defeating Arminius forces at the
Battle of Weser River 16 CE

Roman Emperors:
Augustus             Tiberius            Caligula            Claudius
Agrippa Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Roman Comander in front of his completed Pantheon - 20 BCE
in English stands for: M Agrippa son of Lucius, consul for the third time, built this

Claudius hiding
               Claudius found by the Praetorian Guard hiding behind a curtain   41 CE

Training          New recruits basic training

Simulated raid
            Trainees of the Blue team leaving on their Simulated Raid

      Signaculum - Roman ID Tag
given to Legionaires after basic training

Vercingetorix    Vercingetorix surrendering to Julius Caesar  52 BCE

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Astutus Boulogne
      Astutus, Company Clerk at Boulogne

Astutus and shooting star    Everyone was standing and looking at the heavens. Astutus was astounded to see a very bright object streaming overhead in the sky. It was called a ‘shooting star’ - 43 CE

Cavalry swimming Medway
   Roman Bavarian Cavalry crossing the Medway 43 CE

Roman elephants          Roman elephants accompany Emperor Claudius in Britannia invasion

Emperor Claudius     Emperor Claudius entering Camulodunum (Colchester)   43 CE

Wounded Roman legionaries
      Medics treating wounded Roman Legionaries

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Dorset Hill Forts             Vespasian captures the Dorset hill forts   44 CE

Astutus with Company Clerks
   Astutus with some of his Company Clerks   46 CE

Britannia Governors
Publius Ostorius Scapula(47-52 CE)
Celts             Caratacus leading Ordovices tribes in Wales against the Romans

   Caratacus handed over to Romans by Queen of Brigantes   50 CE

Mish at Burrium
Roman Legionair Mish with his wife Selma and son Rufus visiting local shops
adjoining Burrium Fortress.
  The sign “Nova Tibi Bona” means “New - good for you” in Latin.

Funeral Messalla    Funeral pyre of Messalla   58 CE

Druids & Female Furies          Druids with Female Furies on Anglesey   61 CE

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Boudicca with daughters
   Boudicca with her daughters

Temple attack   Boudicca's Britons attack and destroy the temple of Claudius at Colchester-Camulodunum   61 CE

Boudicca's attack   Boudicca standing on her chariot encourages her great hoard for a frontal attack on Suetonius Paulinus's legionnaires   61 CE

Astutus extended
  Legate Aulus Didius Gallus officially approves Astutus’ Extension of Service

   Auxiliary infantryman - Rufus 65 CE

Legio XX Mithras
Standard of Legio XX Valeria Victrix     The god Mithras - popular in the Roman military

Nero Agrippina
  Nero and Agrippina, his mother, in front of Senate building

Great Fire of Rome   The Great Fire of Rome   64 CE

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Wroxeter   Fortress Viroconium (Wroxeter) under construction 68 CE

Emperor Vespasian in front of partially completed Colosseum 78 CE

Battle of Mons Graupius    The Battle of Mons Graupius   83 CE

Village life
   Britannia Village life

Inchtuthil    Inchtuthil fortress interior   83-86 CE

Agricola    Governor Agricola at Vindolanda timber fort in Caledonia 85 CE

Deva Victrix    Deva Victrix fortress

Astutus teaching Latin
  Astutus teaching local lads Latin, imagining Didasko looking over his shoulder

Appeal to Astutus   Appeal to Astutus by Legio XX Company Clerks

Britannia tribes

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