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About   dMAC   Group in Asia

   dMAC Group in Asia comprises a number of privately held Indonesian companies. We are a member of the Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC) and the British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham).

    PT Daya MACro Dinamika is an Insurance Intermediary Consultant. We specialise in Designed Insurance for Health, Term Life, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident,  Directors & Officers Liability, Workers Compensation, Property, Motor Vehicle, Travel, and other General insurance.

  Shinta DS MacDonald, SE As, Magister of Management (University of Indonesia), MBA (Grenoble, France), AAAK, is our Executive Director. For the past 19 years Shinta has led our Marketing team and effected the Design and Development of new products with Indonesian and Joint Venture Insurance companies.
  Shinta also coordinates our socialisation program for our dMAC clients and their employees.
  Shinta is a former board member of the Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC).

  Silvi Salavia (Pepi) SSi (UI) is our Director.   Pepi very effectively runs our office, assisted by the enthusiastic dMAC Team, led by;
  Michaila Shahnez Natasha (Inez) S.Hum (UI).

  Duncan MacDonald, ANZIIF, MBA (Bond), is our Technical Advisor. He has worked in Indonesia for 27 years - the last 24 years with dMAC Group in Asia developing Health and other General Insurance products. Duncan spent 9 years with Australian/International law firm Freehill Hollingdale & Page, the last three years as Director of Finance, South East Asia. Previously he worked in London for five years as Director of two UK engineering firms; Doormaster Ltd and Titan Lift Co Ltd, marketing their products in Britain and the Middle East.
    Way back, Duncan was the Accountant for Byrne & Davidson [Mfg] Pty Ltd (B&D Roll-A-Door) for 7 years. dMAC designed insurance    Duncan is a former Board Member of the IABC (Indonesia Australia Business Council).

    Duncan is also our Webmaster and Editor of our free e-magazine, dMAC Digest, containing Health & History related articles, as well as publishing his Illustrated Historical e-novels set in Britain and Ireland in the 5th~7th century,
    These free e-books are available at Smashwords click here

Insurance  We were retained by certain Lloyd's Underwriters in 1993 to investigate and develop suitable Health Insurance products for the South Asian market. Ever since, we have been actively involved in designing and marketing insurance products.

dMAC Asia Insurance Review
An in depth analysis of the best insurance products available in Indonesia. Categories include Health; individual & Group, including Emergency Medical Evacuation, Contractors All Risks, Critical Illness, Travel Insurance, Personal Accident, Surety Bonds, Term Life, Property & Household, and Motor Vehicle.
Details of these products are available on

dMAC Asia Specialist Insurance Unit
We advise on Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation, Term Life, Accident & Income Protection. These products offer protection from increasing litigation against professionals and company executives, which puts their personal assets at risk, as well as their professional integrity.

        Other Projects
dMAC Health & History Digest
dMAC Digest   Publisher of the free e-magazine containing health & historical articles, relevant mainly to Asia.  Items from immediate past editions include; Swine Flu; Tennis & Golf Elbow; Spanish Flu 1918; Malnutrition; Kidney Stones; Asthma; Medical Milestones of the 20th Century; Dengue Fever; Reduce Your Cholesterol; Prostate Cancer; Leprosy or Hansen's Disease; Mosquitos & Malaria; Hangovers- Causes & Cures; The Diponegoro War; A History of Jakarta;   Waterloo; Breast is Best; Meningitis; MERS: Djakarta Journal #2; and latest e-Book 'Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 & 2'.

   Contact our office if you wish to subscribe to this free publication. Many of these articles are available as free e-books at Smashwords  click here

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Reviewed    29  March   2017