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dMAC Digest - Djakarta Journal # 1 e-book available FREE - compliments of   dMAC Digest         Jakarta in its various guises - at times under the influence Chinese, Indians, Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese, dates back over two thousand years. This is a snapshot of some of the main events up to the year 1811 CE, that led to the modern, thriving, cosmotpolitan city it has become.   >>read more
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Djakarta Journal # 1

dMAC Digest - Djakarta Journal # 2:   This is the second journal, covering the main events from the British invasion of Batavia in 1811, and leading up to the granting of Indonesian Independence in 1949.       >>view illustrations

e-book available FREE - compliments of dMAC Digest
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Djakarta 2

The First Fleet: 26-Jan-1788   the first step in the colonisation of the continent which was later named Australia took place in London in 1785. It was initiated by Thomas Townsend, Lord Sydney when he adopted the recommendation of Captain James Cook (1728 - 1779), who sighted the east coast of Australian in 1770, that an English settlement be established in New South Wales.       >>read more
Sydney Cove 1788

dMAC Digest - Waterloo e-book available FREE - compliments of dMAC Digest      The Battle of Waterloo took place on 18 June 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte's French army was pitted against Allied armys led by Duke of Wellington and the Prussian Gebhard Blucher. Napoleon lost, but who won? The result may surprise you. We also look at some of the more interesting subordinates, such as Larrey, Surgeon to the Imperial Guard.
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dMAC Digest - Diponegoro War e-book available FREE - compliments of dMAC Digest     Prince Diponegoro (1785-1855) led a popular uprising against the Dutch in Java between 1825 and 1830. He is regarded as a national hero, a pios Muslim and a Javanese mystic.
How did this man who came from a life of privilege in the Yogyakarta court, end his life in exile in prison rooms at Fort Rotterdam in Makasar?
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ANZAC & Lone Pine,   Revisited -1975 e-book available FREE - compliments of dMAC Digest      This is the record of my personal pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove in May 1975. There were no tour buses, no official maps & the Australian Government was actively discouraging its citizens from visiting the area.     I went anyway.   Duncan MacDonald
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Anzac Lone Pine 1975

Culann, Celtic Warrior Monk e-book available FREE - compliments of dMAC Digest       Exciting, illustrated, historical novel, set in 7th century Ireland and Northern Britain. Life, love and loss of larger than life characters who lived in these troubled times,   by Duncan MacDonald
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Culann Celtic Warrior Monk


Breast is Best - Combating Infant Malnutrition Malnutrition problems in children under five are directly related to their diet since birth. Doctors agree that Breast feeding is by far the best method of feeding infants. Babies need breast milk from birth to 6 months of age.
   Ideally your baby should be breast fed up to 18 months.
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baby face
Meningitis - Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Parsitic, Non-infectious
Meningitis is a disease caused by the inflamation of the protective membranes coverering the brain & spinal cord known as the meninges (men-in-jeez). Children under 5 years are most at risk.
   If Bacterial Meningitis is not treated quickly it can cause death within hours.
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        NEW MRI brain
MERS - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS is a new respiratory illness first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It is caused by a coronavirus called MERS-CoV. Symptoms of MERS include; fever, coughing, & shortness of breath.
   Approx. 30% of people confirmed to have MERS have died.
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MERS virus
Medical Milestones of the 20th Century At the beginning of the 20th century life expectancy at birth in the UK was 45 years. Today however the average life expectancy for a child born in the UK is 81 for males and 84 for females. We investigate the advances in medical science in the past 100 years that have extended our life expectancy.               >>read more

Alexander Fleming
Late-Life Exercisers are More Healthy than Elderly Non-Exercisers Even if you only took up exercise later in life , your health will still benefit. For those who remained active the chance of being a healthy ager was over seven times that of non-active participants                                        >>read more

Old man on bike
Kidney Stones The Kidneys keep the body's chemistry in place by removing waste products from the blood and excess water. Waste products in the blood can form crystals that develop inside your kidneys. Over time the crystals may build up to form a hard stone-like lump.                                     >>read more

How can I cure my anxiety without drugs? While some prescription drugs can help calm you down they also come with various of side effects, including dizziness, drowsiness, forgetfulness, not to mention withdrawal symptoms after you stop taking them.                                       >>read more
Stressed out
Sleep 'Cleans' the Brain Scientists have discovered our brains have a self-cleaning mechanism that clears toxins when we are sleeping.
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Statins Raise Risk of Cataracts Millions of people who take statins to fight heart disease could be 27% more likely to develop cataracts.   Statins are taken by one-fourth of Americans aged 45 and older and 8 million Britons.
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Colds & Flu The rainy season is upon us and that means more colds and flu. Colds can be caused by more than 200 viruses. Influenza is caused by just two types of viruses! How important are flu shots? Can I catch flu from the vaccine? Are there any cures for colds & flu? How can I minimise the chances of catching a cold or the flu?                                                      >>read more Obama getting flu shot
Diabetes is recognised as a serious global health problem, resulting in cardiovascular complications, eye and kidney diseases and limb amputations. Almost 1 in 4 Australians  25 years and older either has diabetes or pre-diabetes. It will be one of the major health problems facing the world in the 21st century.                                                                >>read more Halle Berry diabetes spokesperson
1918 Spanish Flu Also known as the Great Influenza Pandemic, the 1918 Flu and La Grippe, was possibly the most devistating epidemic in recorded human history. It was a deadly strain of the H1N1 influenza virus, killing between 50 million to 100 million people in 25 weeks.
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Postman New York 1918
An Orange a Day Keeps Cancer at Bay Citrus fruit can inhibit the growth of tumours and reduce stroke risk; according to an Australian scientific study by the CSIRO. They found consuming citrus fruits could reduce the risk of mouth, larynx and stomach cancers by up to 50%.                      >>read more

Ten Tips for Dedicated Dieters Ten quick tips to help all of us struggling to loose weight. See the benefits of drinking tea before each meal. Essentials to keep in your fridge or pantry to provide healthy "Minute Meals". For more analysis on the most popular Diet programs click on Diet Analysis >>read more

Lady drinking tea
                                      Dr  RICHARD's  Desk
Dr Richard Tomlins MD has practiced medicine in Australia, Indonesia and Myanmar for more years than he cares to remember. We include some of his humorous and insightful articles for your edification and enjoyment.                                                                                              >>read more
Dr Richard Tomlins
Reviewed   21  May   2016


ANZAC 1975 Lone Pine 1975
Duncan's private pilgrimage to Anzac Cove and Lone Pine in May 1975
There were no tour buses in those days.
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>> view illustrations for dMAC Digest Vol 4 No 6 ~ Waterloo

The illustrations for this e-Book have been posted on this web site showing battle scenes, the main generals, plus some of their more coulourful subordinates, such as Dominque Larrey, Surgeon to Napoleon's Imperial Guard, and his 'flying ambulances'.

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Culann - Warrior Monk
Check out the illustrations for the new historical novel by Duncan MacDonald "Culann - Celtic Warrior Monk". The setting is in Ireland and Britain during the 7th century AD.
It is centered around actual historical figures and incorporates some of the momentus events that took place at that time.

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